Totally unexpected surprise update (Bios – Guilty Crown Soundtrack)

Well, since this season is really weak (with the exception of Another), I don’t have any intention in transcribing the Openings or Endings of the shows, so there sholudn’t be any updates until the next anime season arrives – but then something happened (yet again)

When I was browsing /a/ as usual, I stumbled across TehIshter. I was exchanging some words with him and an anonymous poster suggested this song as a request. I thought “well I’m not doing requests anyway so I’ll just listen to this song whatever this i- HOLYSHIT IT’S THAT SONG I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR SINCE FOREVER asdfasdf”

And well, the rest ist history.

This transcription is probably the most difficult piano cover I’ve ever written and I am almost reaching my own limit of my piano skills too. Insane octave jumps (inspired by Tehishters recent piano cover of Mouretsu pirates OP which is really awesome), even more insane mega arpeggios, and nasty jumps on the right hand and left hand simultaneously. In other words: this transcription is really, really evil.

Well, see you until the next anime season then.

-=Download the sheets here=-

[Bios pdf + midi]     (difficulty: insane)


22 thoughts on “Totally unexpected surprise update (Bios – Guilty Crown Soundtrack)

  1. I’m desperate to know, so I’m posting this here as well.. are there any composers that use ideas such as measure 18-19 (0:38) frequently? Those fourths are freaking delicious…
    You do some really cool stuff with arpeggios, especially in Scarlet Ballet (measure 22) and Mirai Nikki (measure 9, measure 87), so I was wondering if there’s a source of inspiration for those ideas.
    Thank you for your amazing transcription!

    • Those parts (let’s just call them “interludes”) are usually improvised randomly, when I’m trying to cover the piece for the first time. If I had some nice ideas, I’ll remember them and will try to write down the notes. I am actually pretty amazaed that you have noticed those small deteils. I’ll put seemingly random arpeggios in places, where the piano cover is… “lacking” something. I’ll try to diversify as much as possible. Some ideas are inspired from Chopin, and some from Liszt.

  2. Awww… shucks, next anime season? Really? D:
    That’s sad. I just discovered your channel recently, and was hoping to hear more from you.
    Well, it doesn’t really need to be music from anime, since I’m not following you just because ANIMU. (Although nostalgia does strike hard whenever I hear one of those familiar melodies.)
    I follow you because of the way you play that piano. And the way you improvise things, it’s quite remarkable.
    So, whatever you decide to do next – I’m in.

  3. Mouretsu Space Pirates man! I know you said you would archive them, but damn, it’s getting good.

    And I agree, weak season.

  4. That’s cool, man. I really like your transcriptions, especially the fact that they are complete solid works you can even play on prefomances and not be ashamed of it 🙂
    Found that one easier than Kuusou Mesorogiwi. Challenging nonetheless, though.
    It’s a pity there aren’t gonna be updates until new season, perhaps you’ll consider some good old anime? There’s plenty of awesome music out there left unnoticed by transcribers.
    Thanks again, your work is appreciated.

    Ah, one question – how long did it take for you to master this one and Mirai Nikki Op before your were ready to record?

    • I second this ^, I think you ever have extra time between now and the next anime season you should…. transcribe some older anime (but im not one to talk since im not doing the transcribing, but i honestly think you could do some great things with the older hits) and not necessarily that old like… Code Geass or Star Driver, just animes with awesome OST ;D

  5. Just amazing as always and i agree with you about this anime season is really weak.
    Since you are thinking about doing transcription other than anime op and ed i recommended you to listen to this doujin made by the author/compositor of angel beast

    I hope you will apreciate and I really love your work!!

  6. Amazing!

    Guilty Crown is really a good anime ,I like it very much ,too.

    By the way ,I love your [Mirai Nikki] ,too!!

    I am looking forward to your next works. 🙂

  7. Seconding the question whether you finished the simplified version, I would really love to learn this song. Your cover is wayyy too inspiring btw, ”loving it” doesnt even begin describing it. Hope you keep more of this amazing stuff coming.

  8. Not to lie, I really admire that you can make and play this stuff. I can’t wait to hear more of it! Also, regardless of the intensity level, I’m going to learn to play this!, thanks for making something that gets me excited about playing the piano again. ~peace

  9. still hoping against hope for a simplified version, lol. if not, i think i’ll just play the insane version for the lulz (the lulz is for the many, many mistakes i will likely make ; n ;). kudos, as always!

  10. I just discovered your channel via this song, and I am already amazed. I don’t know how long it’ll take me to learn this, but consider me inspired to start practicing seriously again.

  11. Was is supposed to be intentional FX to use the german word for “to be”(3rd singular) or was it typo? just wondering (in your last paragraph before the embedded video

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