“Promoting” my favorite anime this season with a new sheet (Natuiro Kiseki – ED)

One last update, (this makes eight complete sheets in one month, I must be either crazy or really enthusiastic) before I go into “hibernation mode” again. In addition, my veeeery late spring anime 2012 first impressions post is finished as well.

Well, you surely noticed the title of this post, so lets talk about my favorite show this season, Natsuiro Kiseki, and let’s discuss why this is so “unpopular” among the anime community.

But first of all, why am I even suggesting this show is “unpopular”?

Here are the reasons why I think Natsuiro Kiseki has fallen under the radar in the anime community and don’t get the attention it (really) deserves:

  1. – this show seems to be neglected on the animeblogosphere. Here is the screenshot of animenano, showing the amount of posts among the anime bloggers. Seems like, Fate-zero and Hyouka are the most discussed series this season.
  2. the rating on Myanimelist is incredibly low (6.85), and I can’t comprehend why. If we consider Natsuiro Kiseki as a slice-of-life anime, it does everything right, and even better than your average slice-of-life shows.
  3. there are only 12 (!) fanarts on danbooru/gelbooru (not counting in the ero ones), which is definitely too few for a show, that aired more than a month ago. (compare to Hyouka, which have 83 fanarts already). This show really deserves more love.

My guess why people ignore this anime:

  1. –  on the first glance, it’s a yet-another-slice-of-life series, if you only judge by the cover and the summary, so it don’t really have a good selling point.
  2. – the first episode wasn’t that interesting (some random teen drama) and it ended on a strange note (girls are flying through the sky because of a random rock?!? wtf? etc…) and most people dropped the show because of that.
  3. – there are many better and more exciting shows airing in this season, so probably most people dropped this in favor of other series.

And now here are five unbiased reasons, why you should watch this show:

1. the girls are cute. I mean, really really cute. I mean, just look at these two…

… how can your heart not melt at this sight? ;__;

 2. the overall direction of Natsuiro Kiseki is very down to earth and don’t feature any

outdated slapstick,

unneccesary boob jokes,

oh-boy-here-we-go-again situations

and blatant fanservice

3. The opening and ending is really good, despite being a “generic j-pop” at the first glance. I especially love the ending, which has a really beautiful tune.

4. The setting is more interesting than your usual slice-of-life stories, because it features the wish-stone, where wishes will come true (through the power of friendship of course) Not the most original idea since the invention of sliced bread but hey, hillarity always ensues!

5. Yuka’s ever-changing hairstyle

Convinced now?

Okay, so please give this series a chance if you have dropped it already (or still haven’t watched it), just relax and enjoy the true beauty of slice-of-life shows featuring four incredible cute girls doing silly things, and thank me later.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Damn, I nearly forgot to include the transcription in my post…

-= Download the sheet and the midin file here =-

[Ashita he no Kaerimichi]      (difficulty: challenging)

Did I forget anything else?

Oh right, the spring anime 2012 first impressions post:

My taste >>> your taste

See you the next Anime season! 😀


13 thoughts on ““Promoting” my favorite anime this season with a new sheet (Natuiro Kiseki – ED)

  1. Agreed man. Natsuiro Kiseki is so fucking good.

    I’m surprised people like Hyouka that much though. I honestly think it’s really meh, but the third episode was slightly better. The animation helps keep the boring-ness levels down. I guess.

  2. You hurt my soul man, you hurt it bad.
    Well, whatever.
    I prefer SAO over AW, anyways. I guess I'll give this a try, and actually watch Mysterious Girlfriend X due to having read some of the manga and liking it.

  3. Wahh? Accel World is getting some where good. Mysterious Girlfriend was a bit weird, who tastes someone else saliva off a table? I do agree with you about fate. there should be a better master and servant relationship between saber and and emiya.

  4. I was just watching the 7th episode before I came here….
    What more am I suppose to say?
    Oh and I haven’t even touched Fate/zero.

  5. I also think Natsuiro Kiseki is good but my NO.1 is Hyouka. I love the mystery.
    By the way, AW is good but I bet SAO will cause a sensation in this summer.

  6. Hi 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation on Natuiro Kiseki. I’ll watch it 🙂 And it really surprised me what your list is made of. I don’t watch Natuiro Kiseki, Hyouka or Eureka 7, but I love Fate-Zero2 (finally something without service, school love, lovely days or love love love ecchi love) and Accel World is surprisingly better then I expected 🙂
    Mysterious Girlfriend X is falling, Tasogare is really bad now, Sankarea – too much fanservice 🙂
    Sakamichi – well, good show for now 🙂 That’s my impressions.

    I’m on college in the Czech Republic (Brno) and we have here 2 pianos. In REALLY BAD SHAPE. So I persuaded our “head master” and finally in a week, they will return completely repaired 🙂 I’m looking forward to them because I’m trying to learn your Falling Angel but don’t have where. (I go home once in a month for 2 days. Not much time to train 🙂 )

    Really, your transcriptions are something that would move a heart of people. 🙂 (And make them go as far as persuading head masters ^_^ )

  7. Fine, I’ll give Natsuiro Keseki a try, though I’m pretty tired of watching slice and life shows, I’ll see how this one goes.
    So far, I have dropped Mysterious Girlfriend X because honestly, I can’t take any more saliva licking, its grossing my out. My favorites this season are Fate/Zero, Eureka Seven AO, and Accel World in God Tier. Jormungand, Tasogare, Hyouka, Sankarea in high tier. Zetman, Zombie Desu ka, Phi Brain in ok tier. And Haiyore Nyarlko-san just for kicks.

  8. Thanks so much for introducing Natsuiro Kiseki, watching it all day and can’t stop.
    I love all the characters, and I’m worried about Saki-chan.
    This show has also reminded me of what friendship truly is, definitely making it to my favourite slice-life anime. Thank you Animenz for this beautiful transcription.
    This anime must get at least 8.5/10 minimum!
    So… I shall wish that Natsuiro Kiseki will be more world-widely watched (by anime lovers/fans) and get a ‘fair’ rating to a 10/10!!!
    haha I guess that’s what Yuka-chan would wish for…

  9. The “Natuiro” in the title didn’t convinced me to watch this. But since I’ve already watched the first 9 episodes,it’s kind of late for me to drop it.

  10. What about space brothers? Good (OST) music, good plot, down to earth, no fanservice…It’s not even on your “Everything else” list 😦

  11. Oh gosh.
    Yeah I have to admit that Natsuiro Kiseki has good music and good character sets. What really bothers me is its visual outcome. The characters’ figures are often contorted, distorted and fragmented in the picture – I even doubt if this is what SUNRISE produced!
    Like you, I looked forward to the release of this Anime. But it REALLY disappointed me. I dropped it without any hesitation.

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