Finally done! (Enter Enter Mission! – Transcription)

Gup 2

Hello everyone!

Finally I have finished the last transcription for the Fall Anime Season 2012.

This is of course dedicated to the best series of this fall season: Girls und Panzer!
Especially the Ending Enter Enter Mission is catchy as hell.

I have finally regained some motivation again to finish a sheet and you can really hear the results this time:

I added a lot of articulations and dynamics in the sheet, “hidden” motives (the chromatic runs) – and I finished this sheet in record time: It took me only 5 hours to finish the sheet completely.

-= Download the sheet and the midi file here =-

[Enter Enter MISSION! pdf + midi]             (difficulty: challenging)

Too bad the final 2 Episodes are postponed until march (seriously ACTAS, what are you doing), but Girls und Panzer is already my favorite show of this season and definitely one of my top 5 shows of this year.

This is one of the prime example of anime where you can apply the saying “don’t judge the book by its cover.”

The premise is extremely silly, but it’s so well executed, so well researched,  that you just can’t stop staring at the screen and rooting for the Oarai team to win the next Panzer battle.

But the crowning moment of awesome was the scene, where the Russian Panzer team suddenly began to sing Katyusha. I literally stood up and shouted : “FUCK YES, YOU ARE THE BEST ANIME EVER”

my face when

my face when Katyusha started playing

Well, that’s it, that would wrap up my fall season transcription projects.

Of course, there’s still my yearly Anime review left, which will be published on 31. December. (as I did with 2010 and 2011)

Well then, until next time –


Anzu is the best girl

Anzu is the best girl btw

12 thoughts on “Finally done! (Enter Enter Mission! – Transcription)

  1. Okay, the Russian singing was flawless. Time to give this anime a chance. I like the new recording set-up a lot!! What exactly does castlevaniapro does to “remaster”?

  2. It’s true – people dismiss Girls und Panzer far too quickly without actually trying it out or looking at it impartially. And actually Mako is the best girl xD

    Anyway, epic transcription as usual, both this and your Railgun one brightened my day.

  3. Interestingly, the Katyusha scene is not in the version that Crunchyroll streams. No one online really seems to know why … the prevalent theory is copyright issues, but Katyusha appears to be considered Public Domain in Russia, so that’s not likely the reason. The song was taken out of the credits at the end of the episode, too, so it may have been cut from the tape that the studio gave to CR.

  4. Yeah Animenz, the link for the sheet music isn’t working.
    I was kinda hoping to learn this song, so if you could fix it that’ll be great.

  5. Hey, this is Audrey Setyawan and i want to ask that i want to text you through can you just tell me.
    No worry i can trusted

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