Enjoying Anime and playing piano again

Some of you may wonder why I didn’t update for two months.

Well, the reason behind my absence could be lazyness, lack of time, etc… but to be honest, I was “distracted” by this:

Yes I finally found it: my all time favorite Anime (besides Suzumiya Haruhi): Aria

Seriously this is probably the most peaceful, beautiful and charming series I’ve seen for a long time.

Whenever I have been stressed or annoyed, after watching this my mood was instantly getting better and I felt comfortable.

This series is extremely addictive (once you get in), so I’ve marathoned the triology (which means about 50 episodes).

The characters are just great: They are “genuine” and nothing felt forced: no forced comedy, no forced drama or forced unusual character traits. It was the very definition of a perfect slice of life Anime, or to put it simply: a feel-good anime.

Heck, I’ve made even a tribute video to worship the greatness of Aria. (Thank you very much for the transcription Josh, I couldn’t do it any better.)

Well that’s it. After the last episode I was sad at heartย  and i will miss this wonderful Anime and I know that there will never be such a charming, lovely and idyllic anime again, ever.

So thank you, Aria, thank you for restoring my faith in good Anime. And thank you Josh for this wonderful transcription.

TL;DR watching Aria is good for your health and you should watch it too.


Thank you Aria, you have taught me that not everything on the world sucks

Oh right, one more thing: Sorry that I let your requests slide, but I’ll finish this off eventually.

I’ve only finished one request and it’s Kotori no etude (Toradora OST):

So here you go Angrist (I hope you didn’t forget about it ^^),ย  sorry for taking it so long.

Piano sheet: [Kotori no etude.pdf] (level 2)

the midi file: [Kotori no etude.midi]

10 thoughts on “Enjoying Anime and playing piano again

    • I already watched this and I liked it a lot.
      I think it’s my…. hmm… say 10th favorite anime?

      Anyway, I think I should make a top ten list too…

  1. hahaha, thanks a lot animenz!, as you can see I didnt forget ๐Ÿ™‚

    Actually, since you didnt updated for so long I was starting to think something might have happened to you o.o ( or your hard disk xP) again, glad to see that wasnt the case. Well, Im not one to talk, look at how much it took me to answer xD, but I do have an excuse though, Im on a vacation trip on Japan : D, so I wasnt really cheking e-mail and stuff. Anyway, really really thanks a lot for the work, effor and time you put into this, Im sincerely grateful.

  2. ARIA is amazing, and I play the soundtrack almost every day at work; it helps me make it through sometimes. ๐Ÿ™‚ So glad to hear that you like it, too. If I ever take up piano or guitar, ARIA music might be where I’d want to start.

  3. yaaaaa Aria is amazing… i’m reading the manga atm, and i watched a few episodes at a con i went to recently. walked out of that showing room soooo relaxed ^_^

    thanks for the sheets, they’ve motivated me to pick up the piano again!

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