The long awaited Transcription: Angel Beats OP – NOT

LOLOLOLOL I was too late

Another transcriber just finished a transcription of the Angel beats OP My soul your beats.

Oh well screw it, I was just on the brink of finishing it. Well, since his transcription is fine (really, I can’t complain) I will not upload my transciption (which is 90% finished)

Anyway, you can download the transciption here: [click]

If you have problems to decipher the moonrune (japanese), I have added a tutorial on the right





Fun fact: I have transcripted the begining in a similar fashion.

And yes, I am butthurt. Brb rewatching Aria…


13 thoughts on “The long awaited Transcription: Angel Beats OP – NOT

  1. If you’re 90% you should finish it and upload it!
    You’ve got a pretty dedicated fanbase, even if it’s still just growing.

  2. I believe your transcriptions are the best and you should not be disheartened by being outdone in terms of speed. I’d choose quality anytime and would wait any amount of time for it.

    Good luck.

    PS: Angel just looks so cute in that picture!

  3. That other video has been deleted…

    You should still upload yours. Why stop just because of that? And when you’re at 90% even…

  4. even i have arrange the opening by myself, i want to see your own transcription……………………….it tooks a about 3-4 months to arrange it when i arrange it, i want to see your own transcription because i like to combine my arrangements with your arrangement

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