Probably the biggest Blog Update ever (4 new sheets and stuff)

Angel beats-Kanade

Hello everyone!

It’s been while since my last update, I apologize, but don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten my blog. I was just a bit lazy in the last few weeks, and updating my activity status on my facebook page was a lot less work, than creating new posts here on wordpress.

A lot of thing has happened in january, so let’s start chronologically with my first Transcriptions for the winter anime season 2013 so far,  AKB0048‘s insert song Niji no Ressha (Rainbow Train)


Chieri X Nagisa are my OTP

Prominently featured in the first episode of the second season of AKB0048, (dat concert scene) this is still one of my favorite series of this winter season so far. I think I went a littlbe bit overboard with the difficulty of this transcription, (especially the last run of the right hand) but I simply wanted to express the high spirit of the original song.

-= Download the pdf and midi file here =-

[Niji no Ressha]      (difficulty: insane)

My second sheet is AKB0048 again (because there is still not enough love for AKB0048, seriously, why is this series so unbeknownst among anime fans) featuring the new ending of the second season: Kono Namida wo Kimi ni Sasagu (I dedicated this to you, my tears)

And surprise! It’s my first collaboration video with none other than TehIshter!

It was a lot of fun to record the piano duet, even the creation of the sheet went very smoothly, despite being my first time scoring a piano duet. In fact, this sheet was written by both of us, me and Tehishter. He scored the draft, while I finished the rest. The sync is not 100% yet, but there will always be room to improve. On our next collab maybe, you will never know. Well anyway, it was really fun, and I want to thank TehIshter again, for realizing the duet, we both have dreamed of. Also, many many thanks to Castlevaniapro, who mastered the audio track for us. Check out his blog too, he is doing really awesome anime remix tracks!

-= Download the pdf and midi file here =-

[Kono Namida wo Kimi ni Sasagu]        (for two pianos, difficulty: medium)

Following next is the transcription of my favoriteEnding song of this winter season 2013 so far: Kibou no Hana (Flower of hope) from the anime Koutora-san


DAT ending ;___;

A hauntingly beautiful ED song I instantly fell in love with. Naturally, this is a must-do in my transcribing list. I kept the sheet difficulty rather simple, to express the calm atmosphere of the song. However, there are some parts of the sheet (in bar 12 for example),  where you have to play a 10th span chord. You can simply play an octave instead.

-= Download the pdf and midi file here =-

[Kibou no Hana]      (difficulty: easy)

The fourth and most important of the transcription is my Angel Beats! Opening Transcription: My Soul, Your Beats.

everyone loves kanade ;_;

everyone loves kanade ;_;

Before you go and listen to this, let me tell you a little story behind the creation of this sheet:

Only a few of you may remember, but three years ago, when Angel Beats! was airing, I wanted to transcribe the Opening at any cost, because the music was practically MADE to be played on the piano. But I tried and struggled with the sheet for a week, and ultimatiely, I dropped the sheet.
I failed miserably because I couldn’t met everyone’s huge expectation. I wanted to made the most epic piano transcription ever, but back then I was lacking ideas and almost went insane due to the pressure.
So instead, I made the sheet Brave song and I sweared to never touch a finger on the sheet My Soul, your Beats! again.
The original sheet remained unfinished at 40 % progress until today.

Now.. three years (and several transcriptions) later, I’ve gained enough confidence to transcribe it again, not only because I have more experience with sheet arrangements by now, but I also wanted to redeem my past failure.
While arranging this, I remembered the hard days back then when I couldn’t make any progress for days, and therefore I’ve put all my heart and soul in this transcription, trying to express all those frustration and sorrowful moments back then. This is especially audible in the last third of the transcription, where I included an excerpt of Ichiban no Takaramono (My most Precious Treasure).

This sheet is dedicated for all those people, who have waited years for my arrangement of the Angel Beats! Opening, and their patience should be rewarded with a full version special transcription.

-= Download the pdf and midi here =-

[My Soul, your Beats!]       (difficulty: challenging)

As you have noticed already, I changed filehost for my sheets from mediafire to Sheethost, because Mediafire is being a dick again and starts deleting my sheets.


I guess that will end our partnership over all these years, Mediafire. Really too bad, because you used to be fast, reliable, and less bitchy about copyright and stuff. In the following days, I will replace all my mediafire links with sheethost links. (I will not delete the old mediafire links though.)

Well then, that would be my status update for the year 2013 so far, and in a few days or so, I’ll announce something really really special. Stay tuned!

Me on the left

Me on the left


The year 2010

2010 was overall a rather underwhelming year for Anime. I have been more often disappointed than pleasantly surprised at the new aired shows in 2010. Nevertheless, I would consider it as a good year because of one particular reason but first, I’ll start with the bad part.

The fail

The majority of anime in 2010 didn’t lived up my initial expectations and I was pretty disappointed by the final results.

Angel beats had so much potential. I mean you could make an epic dramatic story with the afterlife setting. But the good premise is ruined by unbalanced pacing, confusing and incomprehensible plot, and shallow characters. The animation, especially the character design, is also inconsistent and poor sometimes. Too bad actually, it would become really good, if the execution weren’t so shabby.

Durarara. Althought not really bad, I really didn’t find it particulary interesting, nor did I care much about the characters. That’s a pity because Shizuo is such an awesome character. But I just couldn’t go further than ep 7 because I don’t have the motivation to continue  it.

Shiki. A Mystery anime? I’m in. But wait, the character design is horrible. And I didn’t feel the slightest tension watching this. Nothing. This show just didn’t work for me. Dropped.

K-on! Season 2: Probably the most popular Anime of the year 2010 but why can’t I enjoy it like the rest of the people? I mean, I the love slice of life genre. Aria, my all time favorite is also a slice of life Anime. It’s basically cute girls doing cute things too. But why can’t I enjoy it? Maybe it’s because of Yui. Yes, that’s it. I dislike her. I dislike her stupidity, her airheadness, her antics. I dislike her voice, everything. And I am glad I dropped this early, before I got too far in.

Working!! is a shallow comedy with a shallow premise and shallow characters. I almost lost complete interest at the first episode. How to do Comedy right? See Ika musume.

Bakuman is probably the biggest fail this year. A completely unneccessary anime adaption of a really good manga. The Bakuman manga is one of the most exciting Mangas I’m currently reading, but the Anime was just boring as shit, and the animation reminds me of a slide show.

There were also a few Anime’s I liked at the beginning but then gradually became boring, such as

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. At first I genuinely find it funny. The Comedy Anime of the year. But then it recycled the jokes, it became repetitive, nothing fresh came to keep me glued on the screen. I am disappoint. Dropped.

Mitsudomoe. I could never finish the last episode. It’s not like i don’t enjoy toilet humour (see Panty and stocking), but they made the same mistake as Baka Test: The jokes became repetitive and wear off with time. Pity, because some scenes made me really laugh like a maniac.

Ookami-san and her seven compagnions: The show has been the whole time mediocre, it’s your typical Love comedy with a tsundere as the main character. With every new episode, I hoped it would get better, but it didn’t. And the final confession scene? -“I didn’t dislike you” FFFFFFFUU—


The Shit

Everything listed here made me rage like Eyjafjallajökull (like a volcano)

I hate these shows to death and I wish I’ve never watched them at first. Beware of massive amount of hate.

Bungaku Shoujo – what the hell was that? I’ve never ever dropped a movie before but this one was so absymal, I couldn’t take it anymore. The characterdesign was downright hideous, nothing ever happens, the dialogues are dull and etc etc. I was bored to death after I was in for 5 minutes. I ragequit at 15 minutes.

High school of the dead – Why. HSOTD, you could become an awesome action packed zombie slaughtering Anime with a lot of gunfights/swordfights… –  if you hadn’t exaggerated your ridiculous fanservice. I laugh at ridiculous fanservice but when it’s TITS TITS ASS TITS BLUSHING EVERYWHERE – then no, it’s not funny. It’s just sad. Also, I will never forgive this Anime for creating such shitty characters named Rei and a retarded teacher with pig disgusting mega boobs.

Ore no imoto. Kirino is easily one of the most annoying characters I’ve ever seen. Bar none. I really want punch her face so badly for being a annoying and unthankful bitch. (See this)

But why did it have to end like this? The first two episodes were so good, it was leading in the right direction, but then the LOLdrama appeared, following a LOLyandere Ayase and a LOLrandomly creating an Anime drama twist. The“good end” was the most ridiculous plottwist I’ve ever seen. I facepalmed so much, my forehead is still bleeding. This anime sucks beyond worlds, and I don’t wanna talk about it.

To aru majutsu no Index II. Touma, shut up. Seriously, I have enough of your moralspeeches. Every Arc is build like this: everyday life of Touma – *index bites* I’m huuungryy – some unknown danger approaches – blablabla explaining – wordswordswordsw-GODDAMN JUST FIGHT ALREADY! – Touma punch – end. *sighs*

The pacing is terrible as ever and even the animation is worse than before. I really really hoped, it would improve but no, it keeps all the flaws from the first season. Too bad, since I like Misaka and Accelerator. Oh right, and Index, you useless annoying moeblob: I hope you die in a fire.

The World God Only Knows. What have they done. I’ve read the manga a year ago, and I liked it a lot. But what happened here in the Anime? Have Elsea always been such an stupid moeblob? Wasn’t Keima more badass in the manga? And why do the heroines suck so much? I have no idea what they have done wrong. But I’m certain of one thing: This Anime sucks.

The Awesome

Okay, with all the bad things covered, it’s time for the good things the year 2010 delivered: Anime, which makes me think Wow, I’m glad I am watching Anime at all. Anime I don’t need to hide from anybody. Anime I could easily show and recommend everyone.

Unfortunately there were only a handful of good shows this year, but these are the shows I truly enjoyed and loved.

Ika musume has done everything right for being a successfull Comedy anime: A really endearing main character, a funny and likeable cast and jokes with the right timing. It also has the most touching scenes I’ve seen for a while (the mini ika in ep. 5). I’ll certainly miss this show and I hope there’ll be a second season.

Panty and stocking with garterbelt. FLY AWAY NOW FLY FLY AWAY NOW – Screw the haters, this is the best thing ever since sliced bread. Batshit insane action, packed with smut jokes, and a main character who just wants to f*ck with every single person she could get in her fingers – awesome. Every episode was an stunning experimental visual presentation accompanied by a unique (read: kick-ass) electronic soundtrack. And it had one of the best villains (Scanty and Kneesocks), the best episode (the demons vs angels fight scene) and the best scene (the musicvideo) this year. The only thing I didn’t like it was the bizarre and unexpected ending. Oh well, GAINAX trolled the viewers again. Anyway, I can’t wait for the second season.

Also Panty is my new favorite character. She kicks ass, and she’s a real bro.

Sora no woto was probably one of the most memorable Anime this year. The Atmosphere was amazing because tt has a truly fantastic setting, a bunch of interesting characters, and an awesome soundtrack. I love how much details were brought in, (it even has a own wiki). Too bad, it was that short. I am still hoping for a second season.

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st. I usually despise recap movies but this one made everything right. I’m quoting now Fuzakenna because I pretty much agree with him:

The 1st Movie, for all intents and purposes, is the same thing as the first season of the show. The difference is that whereas the original show was terrible, the movie is amazing. Everything has been improved. The pointless opening episodes and meaningless scenes have been cut and the writing is wrung taut. Nanoha and Fate’s dialog and expressions have all of the depth and splendor that they have in A’s, and both are able to be far more interesting characters when allowed to shine on the wonderful canvas of this production. […]

There weren’t any really great Openings this year, but my favorite would be the Sora no woto OP Hikari no senritsu and the first Durarara! OP Uragiri no Yuuyake. In return there are a lot of amazing ED songs, my top three would be the Durarara ED 1 Trust me, Angel beats Ed Brave song and Panty and stocking ED Falling angel.

And now, the best Anime of the year 2010 is…

The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi movie

Without question THE highlight this year. Words cannot describe how great the movie was. I may be a biased fanboy, but I just can’t find a single flaw in this movie. There were so many epic scenes and genuine emotions packed in 162 minutes of top-class animation. I was stunned when Kyon took a level in badass  in his monologue scene. I shed manly tears when I saw a heartbroken Yuki. This is a movie, I will still remember and love it in 10 years.

Finally, here are some fun facts about my blog and my youtube channel. I got…

395.760 total upload views on my youtube channel…

108,183 unique visitors on this blog…

114.028 views on my most popular video,

the Durarara ED trust me

1.189 subscribers on my Youtube channel…

333 comments on my blog and…

9 new sheets were posted

(okay, I guess that’s not much, but I’ll give my best)

And 1

big thank you for everyone who download and play my sheets!

With this, I wish all you readers a happy new year! See you next year again!


Transcription: Angel Beats ED “Brave song”

The End

It has been a long time since my last update, but I have to announce something important to everyone.

But first of all, here is the transcription:

(Actually the transcription was done about a few weeks ago, but I just couldn’t find the time to upload it. )

-= Download the sheet and midi here =-

[Brave song pdf + midi]      (difficulty: average)

The long awaited Transcription: Angel Beats OP – NOT

LOLOLOLOL I was too late

Another transcriber just finished a transcription of the Angel beats OP My soul your beats.

Oh well screw it, I was just on the brink of finishing it. Well, since his transcription is fine (really, I can’t complain) I will not upload my transciption (which is 90% finished)

Anyway, you can download the transciption here: [click]

If you have problems to decipher the moonrune (japanese), I have added a tutorial on the right





Fun fact: I have transcripted the begining in a similar fashion.

And yes, I am butthurt. Brb rewatching Aria…