Part-time Warrior, you will never been forgotten [filler post]

[play this music]

That… was certainly unexpected. Holy shit, Steins;gate ep 16 was fantastic.

I think I have rewatched the whole scene for the third time already, where Okarin reads her soul-crushingly depressing letter and I still get the same empty feeling in my chest.

The background music in this episode also contributed a lot to make the reuniting scene with Daru and the letter scene more emotional and leaves you with a deep impact.

Steins;Gate, I am impressed by your development. I have to admit, you started a bit dull and seemingly random at the first 1-4 episodes, but you were constantly developing your cast and story due to your well written dialogues and direction and finally absorbing me completely with your fascinating cast and your constant cliffhangers.

Steins;Gate is now officially one of my top five shows of the year 2011.

Still…. Suzuha…    ;_;

(side note: screw you horriblesubs for f*cking up the encode for ep 16)

8 thoughts on “Part-time Warrior, you will never been forgotten [filler post]

  1. ffffffffff, I dropped this because it was dull/boring in the first three peisodes. I should have continued orz

  2. Suzu-chan sure when through a lot by carrying a burden of responsibilitity of trying to create a peaceful world and she is also willing to sacrifice her meeting with her father so that she will not failed in her mission as we can see in her letter. It is very heart breaking.

  3. ;____;. Suzuhaaaaaaaaa. It must have been hard for her father too(Daru). D:

    Well about the encode thing, I heard that there was a typhoon going on and they still decided to air it which caused the crappy quality. Not sure too. But I believe HorribleSubs screwed em up.

  4. just one thing, i didn’t really read your post, because when i read this

    “That… was certainly unexpected. Holy shit, Steins;gate ep 16 was fantastic.”

    i immediately scrolled down the page. u might have to use spoiler tags sometimes xD

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