Filler post: Why, SHAFT

Why. Just why.

Why are you letting Sayaka suffer so much?

She has done nothing wrong. I- .. I mean, – she only wanted to make Kamijous life happy again. I think, I understand how Kamijou felt when he was hospitalized. What happens if  I was at the pinnacle of my pianistic career and suddenly, out of nowhere by sheer ungrateful fate, I got involved in an accident and then receive the message, that I will never be able to play my beloved piano again?  I would feel really really horrible.

So Sayaka just wanted to see him smile again. Because she cared and loved him. And In order to help him, to “make a wish come true”, she have to make a contract by “simply” becoming a magical girl. But she was deceived by that evil Kyuubey and payed the highest price imagineable for her one wish: Her own soul. I mean WTH? Are you SERIOUS, KYUBEY?!? Why are you so heartless and cold? Don’t you know what a human soul means for a human?

And now when Sayaka found out the horrible truth, she lost all interest in life. I mean, how would you feel, if you know your own body is only an empty Shell and your soul is transformed in nothing more than a stupid little gem? Sayaka is literally a living zombie now.

And the worst of all, Kamijou just got NTR’d by Sayaka’s best friend. This means her one wish has practically become meaningless if she can’t be together with Kamijou anymore. She has lost everything.

Oh Kyuubey you evil bastard, way to go for ruining an innocent girls life.


I really just want to give her a  hug and console her ;_;